Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pick-ups and Deliveries

Horizon Dental Laboratory handles deliveries and pick-ups in different ways depending on the situation. Often times we do these ourselves and other times, we use a delivery service. We choose the best way based on where and when a case needs to be delivered or when we receive a call for a pick up.

If you have a case ready for pick up, please call us at (847) 982-1150 and we will make the arrangements for you.

Case Scheduling

Horizon Dental Laboratory requires a minimum of five working days in the laboratory for most cases. Repairs, trays and relines may require less time. Specialty cases may require more time and clients are recommended to create a case plan and schedule with laboratory before scheduling patient appointments. Note: Working time in the lab does NOT include shipping time.


Horizon Dental Laboratory requires a signed Work Order to perform any case work. By signing a work order and sending it to Horizon Dental Laboratory, client agrees to all of the following terms and policies. Horizon Dental Laboratory stands by its work and will negotiate repair or replacement of product in the event of a problem. Horizon Dental Laboratory is not liable for: (1) incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to inconvenience, lost wages, chair time or pain and suffering; (2) repairs resulting from accidents, neglect of product, failure of supportive tissue structures, improper adjustments or improper dental hygiene; (3) for repairs, relines, immediate dentures, immediate partials and appliances partially or completely fabricated by a lab other than Horizon Dental Laboratory.

Business Terms

New clients will provide credit references to set-up an account with Horizon Dental Laboratory. Once approved, clients are invoiced for all work completed on a case by case basis. Invoicing is done at each step of work in the case. Statements are provided monthly and must be paid in full by the 30th of the month in which the statement is prepared. Any amounts not paid will incur a 1.5% finance charge and the account will be placed on C.O.D. terms. All cases and items sent remain the property of Horizon Dental Laboratory until the account is paid in full. A $50 minimum will be charged on all returned checks.