Scheduling Guide

Horizon Dental Laboratory requires a minimum of five working days in the laboratory for most cases (repairs, trays, relines may require less time). Working time in the lab does NOT include shipping time, weekends, or holidays. Here is a guide to help you schedule your cases with us.

1 day:    Model work
2 days: Simple Repairs, Relines, Bite Blocks, Trays
3 days: Reset for Try-in
5 days: Set up for Try-in
6 days: Full Immediate Denture, Finish from Set-up, Temporary Partial

Packing Cases for Shipping

Packing your cases for shipping plays an important role in the quality of the case and service we can provide. Broken models can result either in ill fitting prosthetics or additional chair time to bring in the patient for a new impression – an inconvenience to you and your patient.

Some steps to follow when shipping a case to us:

  • Disinfect all parts of the case and seal in proper plastic bags.
  • Individually wrap all models in bubble wrap or another comparable material.
  • Additional bubble wrap or filler should be added to the box to prevent objects from shifting and to lend added protection to the contents in the box.
  • Small parts, shade tabs, etc. should be put in a small container to avoid loss or breakage.

Please call us at (847) 982-1150 if you have questions about packing your case for shipping to us.

Work Orders

Illinois State law requires all cases be submitted with a written work order. To request a Horizon Dental Laboratory work order, click here.